Surgery For Thumb Joint Arthritis

When surgery becomes necessary to treat CMC joint deterioration or arthritis, there are a few options to consider. Depending on the patient, doctor and type of surgery, the procedure may be outpatient or an overnight stay in the hospital.

Types of Surgery For Thumb Joint Arthritis

CMC Arthroplasty is the reconstruction of the joint. The doctor may choose to keep the patient alert and use a local anesthesia to keep the hand numb during the procedure. In some cases, the doctor may elect to sedate the patient completely.

For joint replacement, the doctor can choose from several types of surgery. Using the patient’s own tendon tissue between the two bones as a spacer, stabilizes the metacarpal. This is the most common joint deterioration procedure.

Another surgical option uses a prosthetic implant that is fitted at the ends of both bones. The thumb surgeon will remove any rough, damaged cartilage and expose the smooth surface. The surgeon does this by making a small incision at the base of the thumb to reveal the joint. Prosthetics with a stem attachment will be placed in a small hole in the bone. Then, the surgeon uses the patient’s tendons to support the new joint.

Spherical Implant Surgery is another type of surgery to repair the CMC joint. The doctor removes the damaged cartilage and ends of both bones and creates a small area between the bones. A small, ceramic ball is placed in this space. The ball allows the two bones to move smoothly against the ball, making movement easier.

Recovery After Thumb Joint Surgery for Arthritis

Once surgery is complete, the patient may experience some pain and swelling. The hand will be padded and splinted. Pain medications will typically be prescribed to alleviate any soreness.

As with all surgeries, there will be a recovery time. For the first days or weeks, the thumb will be immobilized. Recovery from Spherical Implant Surgery can be as fast as three to five weeks, allowing the patient to return to full activity. Prosthetic implant surgery will keep the hand immobilized longer and require up to three months for recovery.

Keeping the hand elevated above the heart will drain fluid away from the hand and help to decrease swelling. When sitting or sleeping, patients use pillows to cushion and elevate the hand above the heart. Thumb surgeon Doctor Rehman will typically recommend physical or occupational therapy with one of our certified hand therapists in order to help the patient rapidly regain hand dexterity and mobility at the CMC joint.

No matter which surgery is performed, improvement of mobility and use will improve rapidly over time, with the properly post-surgical care and therapy..

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