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Strength Training, Range of Motion and Dexterity Training



Hand TherapyStrength training is necessary for recovery following a number of injuries to the wrist or hand including fractures, reconstructive surgery, tendon/nerve injury, sprains, and strains.

Strength training is also necessary to treat arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. The goal when utilizing strength training as part of a comprehensive therapy program is to restore range of motion and the ability to perform everyday tasks. If the patient is an athlete, the end goal is to return to play or profession.

Depending on the extent of the injury or trauma, strength training may take several weeks or even months. It is always our goal to not only heal, but also to help prevent future injury. Range of motion hand exercises and special hand strength training tools are often incorporated into the recovery program.

Midwest Hand Therapy also supports patients through dexterity training, improving the ability of the hands and fingers to make coordinated movements. These coordinated movements are needed for writing, typing, and many occupational tasks. They are also needed for enjoyable pastimes such as playing music, knitting, and sewing.

Midwest Hand Therapy is committed to restoring and improving all patients’ quality of life. If you have suffered an injury, or have been diagnosed with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, or have had surgery or fracture treatment, there are multiple ways of reconditioning the hands so that you can enjoy your favorite activities again.


Common Conditions


- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
- CMC and Thumb Arthritis
- DeQuervain's Disease
- Dupuytrens Contracture Disease
- Fingernail Infection
- Ganglion Cysts
- Hand, Wrist or Finger Fractures
- Hand, Wrist or Finger Pain
- Tendonitis
- Tendons and Nerves
- Tennis Elbow
- Trigger Finger
- Ulnar Nerve Neuropathy


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