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Many conditions of the hand can be treated through hand therapy. At Midwest Hand Therapy, our staff is exceedingly accomplished and trained in the evaluation and treatment of hand and upper extremity conditions. We are educated on the latest techniques and methods of hand, wrist, finger and elbow rehabilitation and therapy. We take extreme care to provide the individual guidance and personal touch needed to aid patients in full recovery.

Services We Provide

Assessment through treatment for most conditions of the hand, wrist and elbow.

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Our Therapists

Highly skilled, educated and compassionate Certified Hand Therapists on staff.

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Conditions We Treat

Treatment for a full range of conditions, from post surgery to arthritis, carpal tunnel, sprains, strains and fractures.

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Hand TherapyWhat is Hand Therapy?

Hand therapy is performed by a certified hand/occupational therapist and is done to help rehabilitate the hand when it has been affected by conditions like trigger finger, carpal tunnel, arthritis, injury, strain or sprain, etc. Hand therapy is also often part of a post-surgical regimen.

Midwest Hand Therapy see patients of all ages including infants, athletes, musicians, office workers, as well as people recovering from reconstructive surgery.


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Common Conditions


- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
- CMC and Thumb Arthritis
- DeQuervain's Disease
- Dupuytrens Contracture Disease
- Fingernail Infection
- Ganglion Cysts
- Hand, Wrist or Finger Fractures
- Hand, Wrist or Finger Pain
- Tendonitis
- Tendons and Nerves
- Tennis Elbow
- Trigger Finger
- Ulnar Nerve Neuropathy


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Tendons & Nerves | Dequervain's Disease | Fingernail Injuries & Infections


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